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Inventory Statuses

Inventory statuses

The following statuses can be returned by the inventory endpoint:

  • pending: default status for new accounts. Indicates that no first upload has occured yet for this store.
  • connected: a valid stock upload has happened recently, indicating the POS is correctly connected.
  • invalid: a recent upload happened, but the contents aren't valid, either due to the number of barcodes in the uploaded file, or the format of the file being invalid. A separate warnings array will contain messages with specific causes.
  • disconnected: an initial upload happened, but it has been more than 3 days since any updates were uploaded.


The following warnings can be returned in the warnings array:

  • InvalidInventoryFormat
    "No valid inventory lines found in latest ingest"
  • InsufficientInStockItems
    "At least 50 in-stock products are needed to connect to channels"
  • ConnectionExpired
    "Last inventory update was more than 3 days ago"