Partner API
API Specification
Sandbox Environment

Sandbox environment

NearSt provides a sandbox environment that is completely separate from the production environment. This allows developers to experiment with the Partner API in a safe environment.

Sandbox access

The sandbox environment is available at this URL:

If the sandbox environment is enabled for your account, you can use the same API key you use for the production environment.

If you're having problems with authorization, please contact your partner account manager.

Characteristics and known limitations

Whilst the sandbox environment runs the same code as the production environment, certain features are not available.

  • The sandbox environment will not do any external API calls, and therefore won't transition channels like Google or Meta from 'pending' to 'connected' state.
  • POS integrations don't communicate with production POS environments, and links won't resolve to active URLs.
  • The data stored in the sandbox environment should be deemed temporary, and might be reset without warning.