Partner API



A single business with one or more physical retail stores. NearSt uses this as the main entity to store contact information and billing information.


A single physical retail store. This needs to have a street address and be publicly accessible to customers (warehouses and storage facilities for e-commerce are not accepted).


A collection of products available in a store. NearSt requires at least a barcode, quantity and price per product, but supports custom titles, images, descriptions and more with certain point-of-sale systems.

Each store has one inventory connection. It is possible to set these up in bulk by connecting multiple stores within a single retailer account to one inventory management or point-of-sale system.


An online place where customers can discover the retailer’s products. Examples of channels are Google Local Listings and Facebook Shops.

A store can be connected to multiple channels.

Channels can also be used to receive stock updates within custom back-end systems via the webhook channel.

Stock update

A single combination of barcode, quantity and price that is updated within a point-of-sale system and processed and normalized by NearSt, before being sent off to a channel.