POS Integrations
Product data


Note that in most cases you don't need to submit product data, unless the retailer sells products that don't have GTIN barcodes.

If there are many products in your system that don’t have generic GTIN identifiers, we might not be able to source product metadata like titles and images for those products.

In those cases, it is possible to supply NearSt with product information. To do so, you would need to upload a separate CSV file to the FTP server that is named products.csv.

This file allows you to set product information for any products specified in your stock.csv file.

Implementation notes

  • Custom barcodes: When product data is enabled for a shop, we skip GTIN barcode validation, as long is the barcode you specify is an alphanumeric string. We might automatically truncate custom barcodes if they're longer than 36 characters. We recommend using an internal item ID, or style/part number.
  • Filename: The file should be named products.csv to be interpreted as a products file. Any other filename will be parsed as a stock file.

Product category notes

  • Adult products and vaping supplies: As per Google policy, these products aren’t allowed.
  • Customized one-off products, like signed book copies: These are allowed, as long as the title of the product clearly states that it is a custom or signed copy, to justify the possibly adjusted price for the product to the shopper.