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Policies and legal

Policies and legal

Data sharing policy

We started NearSt to get people back into local stores. To achieve this we process large amounts of data, and we find it very important this data is used responsibly.

Therefore, we have a few requirements for any partners we share data with:

  • Partners should be using the data to promote and facilitate shopping in bricks-and-mortar local stores.
  • NearSt's data is not allowed to be used to create artificial competition - e.g. you're not allowed to use this data to power price comparisons.
  • We share the minimum amount of data possible to enable our partners to power their local shopping experiences. We expect our partners to equally ensure they only share the data they need to with third parties and end users, and take appropriate measures to prevent scraping and mass data downloading.

Read more about our data ethics (opens in a new tab) on the NearSt website.

Browser support

The widget aims to be optimised for all modern browsers (defined as any browser with more than 0.5% market share globally).

If you come across a bug in a specific browser you feel should be supported, please reach out to our team using the 'Get support' link in the navigation bar.

Legal and SLA

This service is provided to users as part of a larger brand partnership.

As such, this service is provided without a specific uptime SLA, but NearSt aims to maintain a >99.99% annual uptime for this service, and has built its systems to degrade gracefully in the case of outages.

We will take care to notify partners in a timely manner of any changes to the service or its documentation.