POS Integrations
FTP gateway
Uploading via FTP

Uploading via FTP

Connecting to the FTP server

  • Host: ftp.near.live
  • Username: apikey
  • Password: upload key provided by NearSt for the retail location
  • Port: 21
  • Initial directory: (empty)

Uploading data

As soon as you are connected, you can upload your stock information in a file named stock.csv. In this file, the first row is assumed to be the header row, and the values of this row will be used as field names for the other rows in the file.

Your stock.csv file should contain at least:

  • A standardised barcode (EAN-13 or similar, see below)
  • The current retail price, as a decimal number in GBP.
  • The current in-stock quantity (stock level). Can be 0 or lower to indicate that a product is currently out of stock. Don't filter by stock quantity!

See the fields reference and examples for accepted formats for the above values.

Do not attempt to delete any stock.csv files from the server: we will handle management of your files over time automatically.

Upload schedule

We recommend uploading data every 15 minutes. Read more in our FAQs.

File names

Any file name is accepted, but we recommend using stock.csv or stock.xlsx for clarity.

The filename products.csv is reserved for uploading product data.