Product Locator


Give your customers an easy way to find products in stores near them.

NearSt Product Locator is an embeddable widget and API that is available for brands to show their website visitors stores that stock their products.

Our network of thousands of retailers who all share real-time local inventory data is a powerful tool to give your customers an actionable insight into which stores around them sell your products.

Embeddable widget

We provide a ready-made Product Locator widget which can be added directly into your website. This allows you to add a clear CTA to your product pages, leading shoppers into local stores selling your products.

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Locator API

The same data that powers the Product Locator widget is also available as a simple API you can use to build your own product locator experience around.

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Availability and pricing

Both the widget and API require a license key. Please contact the NearSt Partner Ecosystem team to request pricing information.